All things Pelenia! Work in progress, lots of information still missing.

Pelenia DAO

White Paper 2.0

$PELE Token

Preparation for using the Zilliqa ecosystem

What are PELE tokens for?

How do I get $PELE tokens on an exchange?

PELE Portal

What is the PELE Portal?

Getting Started

Making a Creative Collaborator Profile

How to check a project invoice?


The “Find” Screen

How to Explore Creative Collaborators

How to Find Creative Help

How to Invite Another User


The “Create” Screen

How to Pitch a Media Project

How to Pitch an NFT Idea?


How to Send $PELE to Another User?

How to Share Files With Collaborators?

How to add someone to your workspace

Storytelling Guide

What is the Storytelling Guide?

How to figure out your story

Collecting and Capture Material

Things to Consider


How to change your display name?

How to Change Your Password?

How to Deposit or Withdraw $PELE Tokens

Creator Guides

How can I get my creative project funded?

How can I make sure my project continues to stay funded?

How do I slice a PFT?

What are the guidelines for slicing PFTs?

What is

How to Storyboard an NFT Pitch

How to Pitch A Story


How to make a $PFT Pool

How to Add Liquidity to a $PFT pool

How to link a $PFT to a PELE Portal project


Who can vote? How?

How Badges Work

How to Collect Badges

How to use $PFTs to make a DAO

How to create an Insignia for your $PFT

How to Request an Insignia

How to earn a Bronze insignia

Ordained Projects

DCNTRLZ Big Media Podcast

What is the Decentralizing Big Media Podcast?

How can I be a guest or suggest one?

Enter the PLVRS NFTs

Terms and Conditions

How to Buy a Hodly Hero of Yestermorrow NFT

PFT Pool

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